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Experts from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) explain their work and discuss current issues for the global economy. As a hub for central banks and other financial regulatory and supervisory authorities, the BIS seeks to build a greater collective understanding of the world economy, foster international cooperation and support policy making.

Nov 24, 2023

Which trends might shape Asia’s economic outlook? Which challenges do emerging markets currently face? Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Chief Executive Eddie Yue discusses these questions with Chief Representative of Office for Asia and the Pacific, Tao Zhang. The HKMA has been a member of the BIS for over...

Nov 8, 2023

Do stablecoins live up to their name and can they serve as a reliable means of payment and store of value? Senior Economist Anneke Kosse discusses these questions based on the BIS paper Will the real stablecoin please stand up? She also highlights how significant data gaps regarding the users and uses of...

Sep 18, 2023

Claudio Borio and Hyun Song Shin summarise the September 2023 Quarterly Review and answer journalists’ questions about financial market developments and the economic...

Jul 6, 2023

The last mile to price stability will be most challenging, says Agustín Carstens, discussing the risks to the global economy laid out in the BIS Annual Economic Report.

Jun 25, 2023

Claudio Borio offers a historic perspective on the interaction of fiscal and monetary policy to better understand the challenges facing the global economy today, and draw some lessons for the future. Read more.